Absolute Future

It'll go down like an episode of Law and Order.

Song - "Welcome To The Family"
Artist - A Day To Remember
Album - Homesick (2009)

That song above may just quite be the best song I've heard in a very long time. Heavy, but still melodic, with a great epic breakdown. I really wish we could find someone with a good singing voice, then we'd honestly be pretty awesome. I'm also a LOT better at bass now than I was about 2 weeks ago, I've figured out ways to switch frets faster and to pick more cleanly.

Kimi, it's ok. I thought about it and I really honestly didn't care. It's not really my problem, y'know? That's something that she has to figure out and fix on her own. I know I should care, but I just thought about it and it didn't have any impact in my mind.

Valentine's Day was nothing short of amazing. I got to play Halo at Laurel's house, and apparently she's great luck, I got 34 kills on my first game of team snipers on blackout, with a running riot, sharpshooter, and a killing frenzy on a different spree. I think I got a few triple kills too. And she was kissing me the entire time which I thought would be distracting. Then she told me that not having seen any of the Lord of the Rings movies is a crime against humanity, so we actually sat down and watched it, instead of other things, because Evan decided to be cool and come sit in the corner. She yelled at him every 5 minutes for being there but he still wouldn't move. I think her mom sent him down on purpose. But best part was, he was sitting in the corner that we've done it in. Owned.

Song - "Circle The Sky (Pre-Production Demo)"
Album - Having The Heart For War (2003)

I got some hate mail from Michelle Katzdorn today when I woke up. It wasn't anything special, just the usual "You're ugly, you're fake, you're a dick, I'm too much of a stupid dumb idiot to support my claims, kthxbai." The whole thing resulted in lulz. The hate mail I got for the stupid blog I (unfairly) wrote about Emily was amazing. Kat honestly wrote the best hate message I've ever seen. It was pro, and I'm jealous. I think all I'm going to do today is blog, whore on myspace, and maybe try to fix chad's other 360. Then I'd say I broke it and just keep it for myself. Who seriously needs two 360's anyway.

I really honestly don't think I can get up. I'm too god damn tired to do anything at all, but I really want to play Halo today. Maybe I'll see if Brannon's doing anything today, we could have a little Halo marathon. And I could get my damn wallet back, I left it there on god damn New Years Eve.

If you're reading this and you don't blog, or you stopped blogging cause you're too lazy, you best go blog again, or you better start. I need things to read.


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