Absolute Future

It'll go down like an episode of Law and Order.

Yes, indeed, I am. I am NEVER going to Arnette's house again. Women are stupid and ignorant, but I love them anyway. As I Lay Dying is the most generic sounding thing ever.

I realized just now that my blogs are ending up sounding much more like tweets than they are blog posts. That could be a bad habit, since I really hate Twitter, even though I use it anyway. The only productive things I've done this summer is get a lot better at bass, play a lot of Mario Kart, and finding a new girlfriend. But even that last one backfired. Whatever. One more year of high school and I'm done.

Current record in Mario Kart DS: 270W-32L with a full 3 star ranking.

The internet is now disgusting.

Liberals are taking over the world, OHSHI-

I'm talking to this pretty amazing girl on the phone now. Her name is Allie, and she's awesome.

I think I'm meeting Cody tomorrow somewhere so we can go to the Bookworm show. I'm sitting here praying Lexxy doesn't show up so I don't have to deal with that. But me and Cody need a way to get to Mark's house. Fuck.

104 In Flames plays this week and counting. Soundtrack To Your Escape is such win.



I realized that In Flames' "Soundtrack To Your Escape" is honestly one of the best albums I've ever heard.

The Last Disaster moved all of its file uploads to rapidshit, and thus, my day was ruined. Now I use ChugKnockLife, BleedingKillConstruction, KillTheKidsFirst, and HandOfBlood. Good thing music blogs will never die. Or else, I'd have to torrent, and that would be a horrible thing indeed, cause then all my small little grind bands would cease to exist.

3 weeks vegetarian, fuckers. This isn't hard at all, considering all I eat is bean burritos from Taco Bell, and I never really ate meat often anyway. I also managed to get some nicotine replacement gum. Haven't smoked anything in a month, and I'm proud of it.

I'm still looking to make a powerviolence band. That'd be a dream come true.

Show on Friday's gonna be sick.

I just had an eargasm to that song posted above. It's by After the Burial.

That's all I have to say.

I'm blogging from Olivia's house. She's not up yet, even though I could've sworn she was up at 12. I have no idea what went on. We made a Harry Potter drinking game last night, by ourselves. Completely original content. Rules go as follows.

Take a swig/shot every time:
 The full name "Harry Potter" is spoken. Extra swig if the person is addressing Harry and acting astonished while speaking.
 Hermione gets angry.
Twins speak in unison. (Normally applies to Fred & George)
 Hagrid cries.
 One of the following words is said: Brilliant, Wicked, Bloody Hell
 Points are awarded to any house.
 Points are taken away from any house. (We quit this one halfway through, since it was HP5)
 Ron makes his wide-eyed, wide-mouthed "Home Alone" expression.
 Snape appears unexpectedly in a scary way. (Happened OVER 9000 times)
 Mrs. Norris, Hedwig or Fang appears.
 Malfoy taunts somebody. Extra swig if he looks at his cronies for approval afterward.
 An elder issues some kind of stern warning. (We cut it out due to Umbridge being everywhere)
 Somebody that looked good is actually bad.
 Somebody that looked bad is actually good.
 Dumbledore lets on that he knows some kind of secret that he's too wise to talk about.

Original content right there, I suppose anyone that ever reads this can use it. Other than that, we had a bunch of heart-to-hearts, I got her into deathcore music, we ended up listening to Andrew Jackson Jihad, which is obvious win, and we walked to McDonalds at like, 11:30, and Olivia got a free donut at 7-11 for being cute. I don't think giving out free donuts is legal at all. We should probably get that guy fired.

After last night, I love Harry Potter. And Need For Speed. And french brandy.