Absolute Future

It'll go down like an episode of Law and Order.

Song - "Fuck On Cocaine"
Artist - DJ Caffeine
Album - Live In Sweden (2008)

So, Mr. Breese thinks he's cool and blocked Internet Explorer with the little SynchronEyes thinger. I found a little HTML browser window in this program called HomeSite+. It works real nicely, except I have to type this out with the shitty little "Edit HTML" window and I'm going OCD on the font. Laurel's got her honors chorus concert tonight, and I'm going so she can show me off to her friends, and because she has a pretty amazing voice and I need to hear her sing outside of our shitty school chorus.

A lot's happened recently. I think I'll list it.

I've been caught doing things.
I've told my parents I've smoked weed.
Laurel and I got caught in the bathroom.
I've gotten both ISS and OSS in the past week.
I've gotten back into rave-style trance music.
I've become really close with Allie again.
Laurel's getting ungrounded on Sunday.
Laurel can't be alone with me anymore, excluding her house.
I actually carried on a conversation with Kimi the other day.
Allie and I planned to start a clothing company called The 17th Parallel.
I finally found a band name. From Trust to Terror, anyone? I need approval, cause I'm just the bassist.
I realized that I suddenly find someone I've always hated attractive. Allie knows who he is, nobody else does. But you might be able to guess.
I actually talked to Eunbi, Libby, Christina, and Ann, after a long time.
I've quit smoking entirely. Although I still do sell.
I actually attempt my homework now. It's fucking amazing.
I realized that Mark Jubert prevents forest fires.
Also, Barack Obama kills kittens.
Megan broke rules 1+2 on Laurel, I think. Not entirely sure, but I'd be pissed if my girlfriend became a newfag.
I'm now engaged. NOJOKE, NOLIE, NOBULLSHIT. Inb4 epic troll, too.
I spent $215 on Laurel's necklace for Valentine's Day. It's custom made and one of a kind.
I found a cover of Don't Stop Believin' by a symphonic metal supergroup called Northern Kings, which is made up of members of Nightwish and Sonata Artica, both of which are amazing. Everybody so far has approved, except for Ana. She'll approve eventually.
I think I'm supposed to be in ISS right now, actually.
I realized how much I hate punk music, with the exceptions of Bad Religion, The Casualties, The Virus, and The Unseen. Also obviously excluding old AFI, because AFI is and always will be epic. Fuck punk music.
On the other hand of that, crust punk is pretty legit, because it has elements of grindcore and thrash in it. Sayyadina ftfw.
I realized I don't really like alcohol that much. Fuck beer.
Sleeping over at Elise's house is COMPLETE WIN. Except next time, there should be more girls instead of me being a thrid wheel. But it was cool anyway, I was too stoned to care.
My favorite genre is suddenly symphonic metal. Excluding the rave shit.
DJ Caffeine is now my lifelong hero because he makes epic beats.
I'm really motivated to start a "-core" band. Hardcore, metalcore, deathcore, grindcore, doesn't matter to me. I just wanna play breakdowns, I've written about 80 different riffs, all original.
I've realized that in this window, it's gonna be a bitch to bullet this blog properly.

I'm gonna come back to this, Mr. Breese just read my blog out loud and I totally heard that.


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LOLOLOLOL bad religion.

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