Absolute Future

It'll go down like an episode of Law and Order.

I have to mention Arnette in my blog since I slept over at her house two nights ago. Her basement is second to only the Captain's because the Captain has band shit in his. Also, I don't see how marrying people on facebook is such a big deal. Get over it. Ocean City sucks, it's supposed to stop raining on the day we leave, so I'm just gonna basically be watching cable and playing tennis/basketball until Wednesday. I learned a bunch of Choking Victim songs on bass last week, and now Choking Victim is on my Last.FM charts. My week was blown by news that the Flaming Tsunamis are breaking up after they release their new album. There goes skacore.

Blogger lies, you can't blog through email. And my sidekick does everything EXCEPT blogging. Fuck.


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