Absolute Future

It'll go down like an episode of Law and Order.

I wanna go home. Ocean City has shown me nothing productive to do except for those awesome 3 consecutive 360 flips I landed in our parking lot. I swam a bunch of laps today and then ran around the whole community thing. I counted absolutely no people under 50 and older than 4. Seems everyone likes to take their grandkids down here or something. I walked into the gym with my skateboard on my back and people were staring me down. Probably because there's "No Skateboarding" signs EVERYWHERE you go around this stupid little private community my grandparents decided to buy a house in. I did find an arcade though. I ended up buying a hoodie and some shorts at one of those tiny beachside stores, just because my grandparents told me to and then they threw money at me to go get it. They probably wanted me to get it because it wasn't band related. The room I'm in has no fan, and I swear it's like 90 degrees in here. I've been up all night listening to I See Stars, who is the only band that can pull off the whole synthesizer thing.

The three songs I've racked up over 50 plays to over the course of my trip are all really different and random. The first is a so-called "synthcore" band, the second is a really fucking good ambient phxc band, and the third is the most indescribable band I've ever heard.

The first, "Project Wake Up" by I See Stars, just sounded awesome. It's like what you wish Enter Shikari was, plus breakdown riffs and a bit more trippiness. It's the kind of experimental-ness that brings A Day to Remember to mind, but it comes off sorta like Sky Eats Airplane, without the really shitty vocals. And on top of all that, it's catchy.

The second, "Of the Sea" by Holding onto Hope, is a really awesome ambient song. There isn't much to it except layered guitar and piano tracks, but it comes out as an amazing song.

The third, "Satan vs. The United States of America" is a skacore song. There aren't any other words to explain it. You'd just have to listen to it for yourself and figure out exactly what it is.

Yup. I want to sleep but I can't. I need to buy one of those neon custom printed shirts before I leave, or else I'd be pissed. I got Laurel something, I got Arnette something, and I got Blanca something. Kimi, I'll get you something next time, I promise.


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