Absolute Future

It'll go down like an episode of Law and Order.

I'm blogging from Olivia's house. She's not up yet, even though I could've sworn she was up at 12. I have no idea what went on. We made a Harry Potter drinking game last night, by ourselves. Completely original content. Rules go as follows.

Take a swig/shot every time:
 The full name "Harry Potter" is spoken. Extra swig if the person is addressing Harry and acting astonished while speaking.
 Hermione gets angry.
Twins speak in unison. (Normally applies to Fred & George)
 Hagrid cries.
 One of the following words is said: Brilliant, Wicked, Bloody Hell
 Points are awarded to any house.
 Points are taken away from any house. (We quit this one halfway through, since it was HP5)
 Ron makes his wide-eyed, wide-mouthed "Home Alone" expression.
 Snape appears unexpectedly in a scary way. (Happened OVER 9000 times)
 Mrs. Norris, Hedwig or Fang appears.
 Malfoy taunts somebody. Extra swig if he looks at his cronies for approval afterward.
 An elder issues some kind of stern warning. (We cut it out due to Umbridge being everywhere)
 Somebody that looked good is actually bad.
 Somebody that looked bad is actually good.
 Dumbledore lets on that he knows some kind of secret that he's too wise to talk about.

Original content right there, I suppose anyone that ever reads this can use it. Other than that, we had a bunch of heart-to-hearts, I got her into deathcore music, we ended up listening to Andrew Jackson Jihad, which is obvious win, and we walked to McDonalds at like, 11:30, and Olivia got a free donut at 7-11 for being cute. I don't think giving out free donuts is legal at all. We should probably get that guy fired.

After last night, I love Harry Potter. And Need For Speed. And french brandy.


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