Absolute Future

It'll go down like an episode of Law and Order.

Yes, indeed, I am. I am NEVER going to Arnette's house again. Women are stupid and ignorant, but I love them anyway. As I Lay Dying is the most generic sounding thing ever.

I realized just now that my blogs are ending up sounding much more like tweets than they are blog posts. That could be a bad habit, since I really hate Twitter, even though I use it anyway. The only productive things I've done this summer is get a lot better at bass, play a lot of Mario Kart, and finding a new girlfriend. But even that last one backfired. Whatever. One more year of high school and I'm done.

Current record in Mario Kart DS: 270W-32L with a full 3 star ranking.

The internet is now disgusting.

Liberals are taking over the world, OHSHI-


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