Absolute Future

It'll go down like an episode of Law and Order.

Nailgun Massacre, by Burning the Masses. Everybody should go listen right now.

Uh, not much changed over break. I've effectively quit smoking weed. I applaud the Captain for his explanation of the straight edge thing, he pretty much nailed it down. After borrowing various basses, I'm much more confident in playing than I ever was. I even managed to learn In Dying Days.

Saturday was awesome. I met Lou, Alex. and Rory at the Georgia avenue station and we went to that show that Robert Vanity ended up hosting. There was some band there that did an amazing Killing in the Name cover. I think their name was Freqontrol or something like that. I actually didn't die in the pit this time, even though there was some huge black guy and a fat white guy in there the entire time. I'm pretty sure, in retrospect, that I hit Robert in the face, or someone that looked exactly like him. And the show wasn't overrun by scene kids, either. Thank god.

I met this kid named Danny. I crashed at his apartment. He turned out to be a pretty awesome kid. He even bought me pizza.

I'll admit that I don't listen to the deathcore I used to obsess over. For me, I've gone back to first-wave screamo, and also gone back to idolizing Saetia. I've also taken a liking to the powerviolence scene now. I wish someone would start a powerviolence band, just so there'd be one around here.

Lou asked me to join her band, Black Tie. They just lost their bassist, and she overheard me saying I played, so she asked me to join. Apparently, they've played a good amount of shows, so maybe I'll get to play a few soon.

That's about it.

Also, I've made it back up to semi-pro in Halo 2, and I've also been accepted into KSI.


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